Hunger Free Community Coalitions

A Hunger Free Community Coalition (HFCC) is a diverse group of organizations and individuals taking action together to end hunger in their community. HFCC’s strategically assess the structure and procedures of local food delivery systems, identify resources and gaps, make decisions for change, and implement action plans to ensure that more people have access to healthy and nutritious food. These coalitions galvanize the community behind the cause, empower community leaders, build long-term bonds of collaboration, maximize effective use of resources, and ensure mutual accountability for results. HFCC’s bring people together to build collective responses to food insecurity.


The Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty supports coalitions across Texas involved in developing local, collaborative solutions to hunger. Our approach is responsive to the uniqueness and diversity of each community, adapting and integrating our expertise as we work alongside community leaders. 

The BCHP team fills various roles in the development and sustainment of HFCCs, including initiating new coalitions, providing backbone/coordination support, consulting support, serving on boards or leadership teams of coalitions, being active participants, and developing resources and support tools.

Our team facilitates BCHP’s Network of Hunger Free Community Coalitions, organizing learning and resource sharing opportunities; facilitating network member and professional connections; strategizing with coalition leadership; documenting and developing best practices and examples of coalition structure, action, and impact; and cultivating funding and pilot project opportunities for network coalitions.

Take Action

Connect with a Coalition Near You

There are Hunger Free Community Coalitions across Texas working to address hunger. We encourage you to be a part of the solution by joining the collaborative action already happening in your community.

Join BCHP’s Network of Hunger Free Community Coalitions

The HFCC Network engages coalitions focused on actively reducing hunger and increasing food security across Texas, whether labeled Hunger Free Community Coalitions, Food Policy Councils, or anything else. Newly forming or established coalitions are invited to join.

Start a Coalition in Your Community

Interested in starting a Hunger Free Community Coalition in your community? There are many tools and resources available to support building and sustaining impactful, action-oriented community coalitions.

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The newsletter offers insights into coalition building, sustainability, and action; highlights projects and best practices from member coalitions; and shares research, policy updates, webinar and events, and grant opportunities.


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