Opportunities for Students

Whether looking for a graduate assistantship, a mission trip or a summer internship, THI has a variety of opportunities for students to make a difference and deepen their knowledge and awareness of hunger and poverty. Below are some examples of how students have been involved with THI.

Go on a Mission Trip: THI and Baylor Missions co-host two mission trips: Hunger In America: A Mission Trip to Washington D.C., an 8-day trip which takes place in May, and Hunger in Texas, a week-long trip which takes place over spring break. Learn more here.

Take an Independent Study Course: Students who participate in the Hunger in America Mission Trip: A Mission Trip to Washington, D.C. are eligible to register for an independent study, Hunger In America: SWO 5V70 or 4V70, course the following fall semester. This variable credit course includes a variety of additional readings and assignments.

Be a No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador: Each Fall and Spring semester, as well as during the summer, we have opportunities for two to three undergraduate students to work on the No Kid Hungry campaign.

Serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA: AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) is a federal program often referred to as a domestic version of the Peace Corps. THI partners with several organizations to place VISTA members in our central office at Baylor, as well as our regional offices across the state. Positions can be year-round or over a summer.

Work as a Graduate Assistant: THI regularly employs Baylor graduate students who have received tuition remission from the university. We have had graduate students work with us from a variety of departments and schools including social work, public health and the George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

Complete an Internship: THI provides internship placements for both graduate and undergraduate students in social work, journalism, public relations and a variety of other majors and departments. Internships can be in Waco or in one of our offices across the state.

Host a Guest Speaker: THI staff members regularly serve as guest speakers or arrange for representatives from our organizational partners to serve as guest speakers in classes across disciplines or student organizations.

For more information about these opportunities, email Doug_McDurham@baylor.edu.



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