Human Sciences and Design Scholarship

Scholarship Application Procedure


HSD Departmental scholarship applications are available beginning December 1st of each academic year.

HSD Scholarship Application (word document)

Available scholarships, eligibility requirements, and timelines will be advertised to HSD students beginning December 1 via:

  1. The HSD Department website
  2. The video screens that reside in the MGJ and Goebel buildings
  3. The Departmental Scholarships page of the Student Financial Services website

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Major in the HSD Department
  2. Minimum of 9 hours completed in HSD is required (when the application is submitted)
  3. FAFSA submission for scholarship awards based on financial need
  4. Minimum 2.5 GPA (Baylor requirement)

Students who meet the eligibility requirements for a scholarship will complete the application and submit it to the HSD office manager (MGJ 100) by February 1st of academic year.

All applications that were submitted prior to February 1st will be reviewed by the scholarship committee.  Applications submitted after February 1st will not be considered.  A current FASFA must be on file with the University.

Based on the application review process, the scholarship committee with determine number of recipients and the award amounts for each available scholarship based on the number and quality of applicants.

Students who are awarded scholarships will be notified of scholarship(s) and amount(s) they will be receiving by the Friday preceding Spring Break via email.  A formal letter will subsequently be mailed to all Scholarship Recipients.  Students who applied, but will not be awarded scholarships, will be also notified by the Friday preceding Spring Break via email.

Students receiving departmental scholarships will be formally recognized at the Annual Human Sciences and Design Student Recognition Reception event that will be held on an evening during the later part of the spring semester.

Scholarship monies will be directly applied against the student’s tuition for the semester/semesters to which they are awarded.