About Us


The HSD Department at Baylor University develops scholars and leaders who apply a Christian worldview to improve the quality of life and human experience for individuals, families, and communities by advancing education, scholarship, and service related to nutrition, apparel, the built environment, human development, and family relationships.


The Department of Human Sciences and Design has made a huge impact since 1930, when home-economics based classes were first taught at Baylor.

HSD Moving Forward

The department continues to grow in numbers and productivity, but as growth occurs, needs increase. HSD Moving Forward includes the department's ambitious plans for the future.

Investing in the Lives of HSD Majors

From the growth of our faculty to the achievements of our alumni and students, the Department of Human Sciences and Design fulfills its mission daily of "inspiring leaders and improving lives."


The Department of Human Sciences and Design at Baylor University has a diverse, accomplished faculty focused on the success of their students.


This annual newsletter exhibits each major's accomplishments and goals during a certain year.

In the News

What's happening at the Department of Human Sciences and Design? Check out our "In the News" page! Piper Child Development Center The mission of the Baylor University Piper Center for Human Sciences and Design Development is to provide model programs and leadership for infants, toddlers, and preschool children consistent with the teaching, research/creative endeavors, and service missions of Baylor University.