Social Work

The Baylor School of Social Work is for students interested in learning about human dignity, the power of hope, the need for justice, caring as the foundation for effective change, and service that transforms lives and communities. Social Work is a profession that prepares practitioners to empower individuals and advocate for social justice in organizations and communities.

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue a profession within the field of Social Work can find additional information through the School of Social Work.

For a person to contact regarding the Bachelor's degree in Social Work, see Dr. Jon Singletary at or (254) 710-4819.

At the graduate level, the School of Social Work has several concentrations that lead to a Master of Social Work degree, one of which includes Physical and Mental Health. To learn more about the Master of Social Work degree, contact Dr. Rob Rogers at or (254) 710-4321.

For more information on both undergraduate and graduate programs, visit the Social Work website.