Physician Assistant

Baylor’s physician assistant programs are for students who are interested in practicing medicine under the guidance and supervision of licensed physicians. Physician assistants are qualified to take histories, order and administer tests, make diagnoses, determine treatments, assist in surgery, and set fractures. Physician assistants are educated to provide services that would otherwise be offered by physicians.

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue a career as a physician assistant can find additional information through the Office of Prehealth Studies within the College of Arts and Sciences. Baylor does not have a specific department for students interested in becoming physician assistants, but the Office of Prehealth Studies does offer a program of undergraduate instruction.

For more information, visit the Prephysician Assistant website.

For a person to contact, see Dr. Rich Sanker at

For graduate students, Baylor offers a doctoral program in Physician Assistant Studies with a specialization in Emergency Medicine. The program is jointly administered with the U.S. Army through Brook Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

For more information, visit the Doctoral Program in Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (EMPA) program website.

For a person to contact from the Army, see MAJ Sharon Rosser, Director U.S Army-Baylor Postgraduate Physician Assistant Education, at

For a person to contact from Baylor, see Dr. Denny Kramer, Assistant Dean in the Graduate School, at or (254) 710-4178.