Baylor attracts a considerable number of undergraduate students each year who are interested in pursuing a career within the field of medicine. These students select a variety of majors from across the Baylor campus. Pre-medicine is not a major at Baylor, and there is no single major that is required or expected for students when they apply to medical school. Pre-medicine is, however, a designation that students select as they pursue their chosen major.

For assistance on the specific courses that students interested in pre-medicine should take, students may contact the following people and offices:

Office of Prehealth Studies
The Office of Prehealth Studies serves students who are considering or planning a career in healthcare. The Office utilizes academic courses, special programs, student organizations, and one-on-one advising to ensure the effective personal and professional development of students who are interested in prehealth.

For more information, visit Prehealth Studies.

For a specific person to contact, see Dr. Rich Sanker at or (254) 710-2429.

Health Science Studies Program
The purpose of the Health Science Studies program within the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation is to serve as pre-professional preparation for entrance into medical, dental, physical therapy, or other allied health professional graduate programs. The program helps students identify and meet entrance criteria health related programs while emphasizing health, fitness, and wellness. Areas of emphasis include pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, and secondary science education.

For more information, visit Health Science Studies Program.

For a specific person to contact, see Dr. Barb Symm at or (254) 710-4594.

Honors College Resources
Baylor's Honors College has created numerous resources that assist pre-medicine and science studies. Click here for more information on these opportunities.

Special Programs
For pre-medicine students, Baylor also offers the following special programs: