HRC College Coffee, 4pm Mondays - Drawing Room

Aug. 26, 2013


It is the Graduate Fellows privilege to host our weekly college coffees again this year. We invite you to come join us (almost) every Monday this year at 4pm in the Memorial Drawing Room for a time of fellowship, of the telling of wild and improbable tales, of laughter and (perhaps) even some serious conversation. Plus... there are goodies to eat and drink! We hope this hour each week can be a time of rest for you. We as grad fellows are looking forward to getting to know all of you and living out this community life with you this year.

So do come by today at 4. Grab a Dr. Pepper Float, pull up a chair and stay a while. It will be our delight to begin to form friendships with all of the new HRC students. See you at 4pm in the Memorial Drawing Room!

Grace, peace & cookies,

Your friendly neighborhood Graduate Fellows