Resident Chaplains

Katie Jensen Chase Jensen







M.Div. (In Progress), Truett Seminary
B.A., English Literature, University of Sioux Falls

M.Div. (In Progress), Truett Seminary
B.A., Theology, University of Sioux Falls


What's your favorite part about serving in the HRC?

Katie: I will find out this year!

Chase: Only time will tell...


Tell us about your life beyond the HRC.

Katie: I love plants, coffee, reading literature, being active, and cooking healthy meals or delicious treats, and, of course, Netflix. Most of my activities revolve around these things – I have several plant children I enjoy taking care of, I love lattes and reading at coffee shops, biking, walking, hiking, or running outdoors, running to HEB for ingredients I inevitably forgot, and quoting or referencing The Office or Parks & Rec. I’m from South Dakota originally and have a heart for the Midwest, so I love traveling home to spend time in the Great Plains with friends and family.

Chase: I am new to Texas, having previously lived in Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. I am not yet sure what I dislike more- Northern winters or Southern summers! I studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Sioux Falls, where I also competed on the Track and Field team as a pole vaulter. I enjoy playing guitar, slack-lining, hiking, and reading. Both alone time and big groups are fun, but my favorite is to hang with just a few people at a time.


Which works or authors have influenced your thinking on calling & community?

Katie: Kathleen Norris has been an influential author in my life. In one of my favorite books of hers, Dakota: A Spiritual Autobiography, she writes about living in rural South Dakota and finding community among the brothers of a Benedictine monastery she began to visit and where she eventually became an oblate. She writes quite a bit about monastic spirituality, and their vision of community as “prayer and work” is beautiful. I find myself going back to this vision as I think about what community and any calling should be formed around.

Chase: The main lessons I have learned have been through conversations, experiences, and trial and error. Henry Nouwen's "In the Name of Jesus" has been very helpful. Contact with the Monastic spiritual tradition has also been influential in my understanding.


The role of Resident Chaplain:

The Resident Chaplains are Truett Seminary students working on a master's degree to prepare them for the ministry. They live in the HRC and are responsible for assisting residents in spiritual formation and providing a pastoral presence in the communities. They work with the College Council’s Spiritual Life Committee and host numerous events throughout the year.