Members - Get Involved

The Honors Residential College community thrives when each resident gives back to the community in a way they are gifted. Contributing to the community does not mean necessarily holding a formal leadership role in the community. It can be as simple as getting to know the residents around you on your hall. Check out the ways you can contribute below:



Community starts with the people around you. Your room is located on one of 8 floors in the HRC headed up by your Community Leader. Their role is to help facilitate community for you and the residents around you, but they need your help. Here are some ways you can pitch in:

  • Get to know your roommate and your suitemates
  • Keep your door open!
  • Participate in activities/events your CL organizes
  • Attend HRC events with your hall
  • Help your CL brainstorm ideas for events


College Council

There are four different College Council Committees, and they rely on residents such as yourself to help shape the HRC experience for the whole community.

Hospitality Committee

  • Assist with tours during prospective student visit days
  • Help welcome new students to Baylor and returning students from study abroad

Social Committee

  • Organize social events and encourage involvement in the traditions of the HRC
  • Continue old traditions and help create new traditions

Spiritual Life & Service Committee

  • Help the Resident Chaplain promote spiritual exploration of faith and religion in the college
  • Create opportunities for students to serve in the community
  • Support morning and evening prayer services in Memorial Chapel
  • Assist the Resident Chaplain in organizing special chapel programs (e.g. Advent, Easter, and other religious holidays)

Academic Committee

  • Assist the Faculty Steward in promoting academic learning in the college
  • Assist with the coordination of the HRC Formation Series
  • Administrate the HRC Library


Office Assistants

  • Provide administrative assistance for the college
  • Offer valuable service for current residents in the form of unlock codes, maintenance requests, and safety concerns