Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a central component of life at the Honors Residential College.  Many of the residents are leaders in organizations, academic initiatives, and community engagement opportunities throughout Baylor's campus and the Waco community, and we also have two student leadership teams that support the life of the HRC. 

Community Leaders are employed through Campus Living & Learning to provide leadership and support in the residence halls, and the HRC is home to 8 Community Leaders.  The College Council is a group of student volunteers who work alongside Community Leaders to lead programming, mentorship, and service initiatives in the HRC. Both the College Council and the Community Leaders serve and support their neighbors and work to establish a loving, inclusive, and fun community in the HRC.

Community Leaders

The Community Leader (CL) serves students in one of Baylor’s residential communities by exemplifying and implementing the values and policies of Campus Living & Learning. The CL provides leadership by fostering community and cultivating relationships, mentoring residents, and facilitating learning through efforts that integrate aspects of diversity, faith development, academics and relationships.

College Council

The College Council is a group of student volunteers who work alongside the Community Leader team and the Senior Staff to support the life of the Honors Residential College.  Through programming, mentorship, and community engagement, the College Council helps to create a community where residents of the HRC can pursue the love of God, love of neighbor, and the love of learning.  The College Council is comprised of five committees.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee seeks to foster a healthy, thriving intellectual community and to be an active part of the academic, personal, and professional growth of the HRC. We host thought-provoking discussions on classic mystery short stories, study parties around major deadlines, and career prep workshops. We also support the HRC Formation Series lectures by leading discussion groups to cultivate community conversations.

Service Committee

The mission of the Service Committee is to encourage an environment of joyful service within the HRC. We seek to embody Christ by pursuing a service-led lifestyle by meeting the needs of our neighbors in the HRC and our greater community locally and globally.

Social Committee

The Mission of the Social Committee is to promote, facilitate, and enhance friendship and community through intentionality and fun events so that all students feel welcome, included and refreshed.

Spiritual Life Committee

The Spiritual Life Committee is devoted to the love of God and the love of neighbor. We desire to walk alongside the HRC Community as friends by providing space for people to be formed by a growing relationship with Jesus through spiritual practices, chapel, and hall prayer. Moreover, we invite all members of the HRC into dedicated fellowship and discipleship as we seek joy and rest together.

Public Relations Committee 

The Public Relations (PR) Committee promotes and fosters the culture of the Honors Residential College through logistical and interpersonal communications, which include social media, community tours, photography, graphic design, and supporting the rest of the College Council.

To learn more about the work of the student leaders, please refer to our Traditions page and follow us on social media.

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