Follow these steps in order to apply to the Honors Residential College:
  1. Apply to the Honors College. You must be accepted to any Honors College program/major (BIC, Great Texts, Honors Program, University Scholars) to live in the HRC. 
  2. Submit the University Enrollment Deposit.
  3. Enroll with DUO Two-Factor authentication. This is required in order to access the Housing Application.
  4. Complete the housing application in your GoBaylor account.
  5. Select the Honors Residential College (HRC) as your first preference.
  6. Complete the short-answer question in 2-3 sentences telling us why you would like to live in the HRC. Responses will be evaluated by the HRC Housing Committee. If approved, you will continue to the next step.
    Note: Approvals will be distributed the second week of May.
  7. You must submit your Housing Application on or before May 1st to be able to access Roommate Matching and Choose Your Own Room.
  8. Make plans for Orientation & Advising and consider attending Honors College Line Camp.

Important Housing Dates:
  • Housing application opens (March 1)
  • Priority deadline (May 1)
    • Students who complete their housing application on or before May 1 will be able to participate in Roommate Matching and Choose Your Own Room.
  • Housing program approval
    • Students will receive housing program approval the second week of May.
  • Roommate Matching
    • Students who submitted their housing application on or before May 1 will be able to participate in Roommate Matching in Mid-May (a questionnaire system through CL&L that allows students to browse a list of varying roommate compatibility).
  • Choose Your Own Room
    • Participate in Choose Your Own Room on one of our Choose Your Own Room days starting in late May and ending the first week of June. You will be notified of your assigned date and time slot for Online Room Self-Selection in early May.

For more specific information about the housing application process, visit the CL&L website.

Honors Residential College

Alexander and Memorial Hall
One Bear Place #97253
Waco, TX 76798

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