The Honors Residential College is supported by a professional staff of 9: including the Residence Hall Director, Program Director, and Faculty Steward as well as a number of graduate students serving as Residence Chaplains and Graduate Assistants.  Additionally, the Board of Trustees supports the long-term goals and vision of the Honors Residential College and is comprised of leaders in the university as well as supporters from outside of Byalor.

Students in the Honors Residential College have a chance to serve the community and support the exciting involvement of the residential college through their commitment to student leadership.  The HRC's student leadership is comprised of Community Leaders, students who are employed by Baylor's Campus Living & Learning to provide support to residents and facilitate the work of the community, and the College Council, volunteer leaders who make up the Academic Committee, Fifth Floor (service) Committee, Social Committee, Spiritual Life Committee, and the Trustees (public relations, communications) Committee.  Student leaders are advised and mentored by the professional staff.