Community Space

The Honors Residential College includes both Memorial Hall and Alexander Hall.  Alexander Hall is home to the women, and Memorial Hall is home to the men.  Between the halls is the 1845 at Memorial, one of Baylor students' most beloved dining halls.  The HRC has a wide variety of community spaces that we hope the students come to know as their home.  The spaces include: 

  • Alexander Lobby (home of the daily College Coffee Hour with free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate from 3:00-4:00pm)
  • Alexander Conference Room
  • Alexander Classroom
  • Alexander Reading Room
  • Pool and Ping Pong in Alexander
  • Alexander Basement
  • Alexander Study Rooms
  • Memorial Dining Hall (often kept open past dining hours for studying)
  • HRC Library
  • Memorial Drawing Room
  • Senior Common Room
  • Memorial Classroom
  • Memorial Kitchen
  • HRC Chapel
  • Memorial Fourth Floor
  • 2 community printers
  • 3 community pianos
  • Numerous laundry facilities
  • Numerous kitchens
  • 1 or more Community Leader per floor
  • Faculty and Staff offices throughout
  • Faculty Steward apartment
  • Chaplain(s) apartment
  • Residence Hall Director apartment

For more questions about our community spaces, please contact Courtney DePalma.