Apply to the HRC

Follow these steps in order to apply to the Honors Residential College:

  1. Apply to Baylor University.
  2. Apply to the Honors College. You must be accepted to any Honors College program/major (BIC, Great Texts, Honors Program, University Scholars) to live in the HRC. We encourage you to apply to the HRC and the Honors College simultaneously. You may be “contingent” if your housing application has been received by the HRC but you are awaiting acceptance into the Honors College (BIC, University Scholars, Great Texts, or Honors Program). Once accepted into the Honors College, your HRC application will be officially reviewed.
  3. Submit the University Enrollment Deposit.
  4. Activate your Bear ID (FirstName_LastName). Note that the system will need 24 hours to process before you may access the Housing Application.
  5. Complete the housing application in your GoBaylor account.
  6. Select the Honors Residential College (HRC) as your first preference.
  7. Complete the short response (2-3 sentences about why you want to live in the HRC).
  8. Space is limited; apply early! You must submit your Housing Application before February 10th to be able to access "Roommate Matching" and "Choose Your Own Room."


For more specific information about the housing application process, visit the CL&L website.