Faculty Steward

Dr. Tran

Associate & Graduate Professor of Theology & Ethics, Baylor Religion Department

Ph.D., Religion (Theology & Ethics), The Graduate School, Duke University
M.Div., Duke Divinity School, Duke University
B.A., Political Science, University of California Riverside


What's your favorite part about serving in the HRC?

The HRC is a place where you run into folks with first-rate brains and first-rate souls. I love that our community orders the life of the mind to the Trinitarian life of God (making for that fabulous combination of brains and souls), and in ways that seeps into everything we do. From the ordered liturgical prayer life to the shared love of service to all that learning and growing together to the Toasties (you'll just have to come and see) and HRC Zombies (you'll really have to come and see) it's a place wild with all the things that make for great moral formation. What a great privilege to be around these good folks amidst such spectacular self-discovery and cultivation of dreams that matter! I love all of that.


Tell us about your life beyond the HRC.

Is there life beyond the HRC?!? In my spare time, I serve as Associate Professor in the Religion Department, where I work with undergraduate and graduate students. For the last few years, I have been invested in a biggish research project related to linguistic philosophy, political theory, systematic theology and theological ethics. The other loves of my life, the really big ones, are my son David, a student at Rapoport Elementary School, my daughter Tahlia, a student at Rapoport Middle School, my spouse Carrie, a Masters student at the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work here at Baylor, and our cat Cubby, a student at the School of Hard Knocks.


The role of Faculty Steward:

The title of Faculty Steward is reserved for Faculty-In-Residence at each of Baylor's three Residential Colleges. Uniquely situated in centers of high academic achievement and strong community character, the Faculty Steward connects the residential experience to the life of the mind and broader university academics. Forming friendships with students and fellow staff, they have the unique opportunity to participate in student development both by fostering scholastic pursuit and the formation of personhood best accomplished by life in a community of friends.