Board of Trustees

The Honors Residential College (HRC) Trustees are appointed to ensure that our unique community achieves the aims for which it was created. College trustees meet monthly and are appointed by the Dean of the Honors College to serve a three-year term of service.

Student Leadership on Board of Trustees:

  • Katie Jo Baumgardner
  • Jillian Buttecali
  • Matthew Naumann
  • Preston Yancey

    Professional Leadership on Board of Trustees:

  • Prof. Lenore Wright, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core
  • Prof. David Jeffrey, Honors Program
  • Prof. Jeffrey Fish, University Scholars Program
  • Prof. William Weaver, Great Texts Program
  • Prof. Thomas S. Hibbs, Dean of the Honors College, ex officio
  • Prof. K. Sarah-Jane Murray, HRC Faculty Master, ex officio
  • Ms. Terri Garrett, Interim Assistant Dean for Campus Living & Learning, ex officio
  • HRC Asst. Master & Program Dir., ex officio
  • Ms. Megan Witherspoon, HRC Residence Hall Dir., ex officio