Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my gift go?

Unless you choose just one of the UW agencies listed, your gift will go to a general fund which is carefully reviewed by an allocations committee, who finally determines which agency gets what money. Donations to the Waco/McLennan County United Way are used to help people in our community.

I already give to my church and other philanthropic organizations. Why should I give to this?

Great question! Baylor knows that many faculty and staff do just that, and further understands the financial commitment and sometimes strains experienced. We ask that the Baylor Family encourage each other by giving what they can - maybe no more than $5 a month to this worthy cause that helps to support people right here where we live.

If I sign up for giving by payroll deduction, when will deductions start?

Donations are for the 2019 Campaign and begin with the first pay period of 2019.

Can I designate an agency to receive my gift?

Absolutely! Just indicate your choice on your pledge card.

Can I make a one-time gift?

Of course! Just indicate that option on your pledge card. Remember, you can make your gift by personal check OR by payroll deduction.

I signed up to make donations last year. Won't these continue until I make a change?

Actually, the annual campaign, which occurs in September - November, provides the opportunity for individuals to consider what gift they can make for the following year and make changes as they wish. For this reason, you will complete a new pledge card each year to continue to donate.

Can our office have a bake sale and raise money for the United Way?

Fun and creative activities are welcome, but be sure to clear everything with your supervisor. We would not want you to take time away from your work day. One other thing to consider, why not encourage everyone in your office to make their contribution via payroll deduction for the amount that they would have spent on the baking process (groceries, time, etc.) or on an item purchased at the sale? ($5 or $10 for a nice cake or homemade bread) This could be a no bake/no eat Bake Sale - saving time and calories!

I heard that United Way gives money to Planned Parenthood, which supports abortion. Is that true?

No, the funds raised in Waco/McLennan County stay in our area, and our United Way does not fund Planned Parenthood. To read more about the agencies in our community, click here.

The 2019 United Way Campaign

Brittney Wardlaw and Mia Moody-Ramirez are your 2019 United Way campaign co-chairs. Please email them with any questions or suggestions you may have. Please consider inviting them to your department to speak on the importance of giving to United Way.