Ignite Resources for Managers/Supervisors

January 8, 2023
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One of the greatest challenges a manager or supervisor faces is ensuring they are aware of the things that affect their employees. Whether it is how to perform a certain task, understanding policies & procedures, or knowing where to get help. Below are overviews of a few resources you may find beneficial.

The Ignite Website

The Training Information tab of this website provides a variety of content. Pages dedicated to training based on employee type include Faculty, Staff, Student Employee and Supervisors. The content on the employee type pages is tailored to anticipate their specific needs. Additionally, pages based on activities such as Shopping & Procurement or Travel & Expenses and various financial roles are also available. The Resources tab and Get Support tab provide even more access to other helpful subjects.

Guided Learning in Ignite

If you are not familiar with Guided Learning, do yourself a favor and learn about this amazing resource! The Guided Learning widget is the little yellow button that appears on all of the Ignite screens. The specific part of Guided Learning we want to call out is the Managers/Supervisors display group. Display groups are the icons on the left side of the widget which when clicked display content for that specific topic. The Managers/Supervisors display group contains details, forms and instructions on hiring, compensation, performance, and many other topics.

The Ignite Service Desk

Help for Managers and Supervisors is never far away. If you have a specific question and the above resources didn't help, consider entering an Ignite Service Desk Request. These get routed to an expert based on the topic you select. Of course, you are always welcome to contact Bobbie Doyle with any Ignite training related questions.

LinkedIn Learning

Lastly, Baylor and LinkedIn Learning have a partnership that grants access to the entire LinkedIn Learning Library for all faculty, staff, and students. Their library has over 16,000 courses covering a wide range of topics such as business, software, management, and personal growth. For more information on how to access this resource, refer to the LinkedIn Learning QRG.

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