2022 Faculty & Staff Merit

July 31, 2022
Merit 2022

Baylor continues to recognize the efforts of faculty and staff by investing in base pay increases through the 2022 merit process. If eligible for merit, faculty and staff merit increases are effective and viewable in Ignite as of August 1.

For each increase to your base salary, Baylor's contribution to your retirement plan also increases. Baylor contributes 10.8% to your retirement account, and we highly encourage you to invest in your retirement account as well by increasing your individual retirement contribution. You can elect or change your retirement contributions utilizing this form: 403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement Form.

If eligible for merit, you can now view your pay change statement or contract within Ignite using the instructions below.

Navigate to Your Compensation Change Statement or Contract

  1. Login to Ignite > Me > My Compensation
  2. Click on the down arrow next to Compensation Change Statements
  3. Click on the Staff Pay Change Statement link
  4. description
  5. A pay change statement similar to the one below will be made available to view. The below example is for a staff member.
  6. description

Please note that if you had a mid-cycle change in pay, the pay change statement may not accurately reflect your August 1 pay.

If you have any questions regarding the finalized amounts, please reach out to your supervisor.

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