Student Employment Supervisor Training

July 20, 2020
Student Employment

We are very excited to notify you that Ignite will be ready for Student Employment activity on August 1. This is great news as we continue to standardize our business processes and support your important work!

If you are an employee who supervises student workers, opportunities to learn and train on the Ignite Student Employment process are now available in the Ignite Learn Module.

To find out more about the Learn Module and how to access this Student Employment training in Ignite, please review this Learn Module Reference Guide.

In addition to reviewing the Student Employment training, there are action items you must take as we transition from utilizing JobX to the Ignite system for student employment.

  • In order to have active jobs posted on the Ignite Student Employment Job Board as of August 1, you will need to review your current job postings in JobX and complete this form for any that should remain open and accepting applications.
    • Any postings not submitted through this form will no longer receive new applications. You will still have access to all applications in JobX and may continue to review those submitted.
  • Please close any unwanted JobX postings.
  • Review any current applications still in JobX.
  • Review the new Student Employment training in Learn for steps on how to process a hire in Ignite.
    • For students who applied in JobX that you wish to hire after July 31, follow the instructions in the training material to send the Ignite Requisition link to the student. You will then continue the hiring process in Ignite.

Your attention to these task during this system transition period is greatly appreciated.

If you have additional questions, please email

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