Hybrid/Remote Work Resources

Learn more about Baylor's tools for successful hybrid or remote work.

For members of the Baylor Family considering a hybrid or remote work arrangement, these tools and resources provided by Baylor HR, ITS, and others may help you plan your work and remain productive.

Alternate Work Location Policy

This policy provides designated Baylor University employees with the opportunity to perform their work at a location other than on Campus.

Alternate Work Location Policy

ITS Resources for Working Remotely

Find key online resources to collaborate with colleagues to support the University from a remote, Internet-connected location when necessary.

ITS Website

Manager Tools for Remote Work

Managing your team when it involves remote work may require a different approach. Below are suggestions and tips regarding how managers can enable employees during remote work.

Remote Work Forms

Managing Alternative Work Arrangements

Practical Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Video Call Tips

Employee Tools for Remote Work

Find helpful tips and suggestions about how to create a successful workplace in your home as well as discover professional development resources to help you expand your knowledge and skills remotely.

Practical Tips for Working at Home

Professional & Leadership Development when Working Remote


If you have any questions about hybrid/remote work, please email askHR@baylor.edu.