Retiree Tuition Remission

Is Tuition Remission available to retirees?

Tuition Remission is not provided to individual retirees. However, Tuition Remission is available for eligible Baylor Retirees' spouse and children.

Tuition remission benefits per eligible spouse and child are limited to one of the following options:

  • One undergraduate degree or special course of study, plus post-baccalaureate (up to 36 hours of credit hours) or graduate credit hours not to exceed 2 normal years of academic work as appropriate to the degree/certification program
  • For Children Only: One undergraduate degree or special course of study, plus 6 quarters of Law School

NOTE: The Retiree Tuition Remission benefit is not available to the Honorary Retiree classification.

Are there any limitations of Tuition Remission post-retirement?

Yes. See below for details on limitations.

Limitations for Current Students

  • Current student(s) of retiring active faculty/staff member enrolled at retirement date may complete academic degree/certification program in which they are enrolled.
    • For example, if the completed degree is undergraduate, the student may be eligible for the non-undergraduate options.

Limitations for Future Students of Retiree

  • Future student(s) of retiree, may receive one year of tuition remission for each year of service earned by the retiree (aggregate of such students' years of tuition remission not to exceed years of service by retiree).
    • For example, if retiree had 20 service years, then a "future" student could apply four years to an undergraduate degree and 2 years to a graduate degree to use up six years of the 20 years.

Who do I contact with questions about Retiree Tuition Remission?

Please contact Baylor Human Resources by calling 254.710.2000 or emailing