Naturally Slim Fall 2013

Naturally Slim Program - November 2013 Update

The Fall 2013 Naturally Slim participants lost a total of 625 pounds or a third of a ton! For participants who submitted their weight, there was an average cumulative weight loss of 10.0 pounds. Over 50 Baylor faculty, staff and/or their spouse (as applicable) completed the full program for a completion rate of 68%! This is excellent! For continued health improvement, Baylor will help bring in the new year with a Spring 2014 program. What a great way to start the new year with a very effective program to go along with that new year resolve! All Naturally Slim participants ("Alumni") can continue to improve and sustain by participating in the seven week Naturally Slim Advanced program concurrently with the regular Naturally Slim "Foundations" programs. As a reminder a "participant" is anyone who enrolled in and was "accepted" in the Foundations, regardless of the number of video sessions or screenings. That participant is now an "Alumni". With over 900 Baylor Naturally Slim Alumni and a group of new participants, 2014 will be another great year of improving and maintaining health. Sic'em Bears! Details on the spring 2014 program will be provided in January. When it comes to enjoying holiday nutrition this season, may we be inspired to keep doing what we learned in Naturally Slim, to be intentional to satisfy hunger vs. appetite and to enjoy quality over quantity! Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Year!

The fall 2013 Naturally Slim Foundations ten-week program which began September 9th and finished the week of November 11th, was provided to accepted participants at no cost - a $500 value! Successful program completion includes obtaining the biometric screenings (conducted by a third party vendor) before AND after the program and participation in at least 8 of the 10 on-line Naturally Slim sessions. Faculty and staff who accomplished this are eligible for a $100 incentive, which will be paid in January. The incentive applies only to Foundations participants. The spring 2014 program will be announced in January.


We have some exciting updates about how Baylor faculty and staff have used the Naturally Slim program to improve their health. The Fall 2013 Program begins soon! See below for details. Accepting responsibility for what we can each personally do to improve our health is the first big step. The good news is everyone benefits!

Highlights of Naturally Slim Program Since the Beginning:

  • After three "rounds" beginning in spring 2012, there are 595 successful program "completers" out of over 800 participants. That's a 75% completion success rate which according to Naturally Slim is at the top compared to their book of business.
  • All 800+ participants continue to have access to the "alumni" program to "keep it going" for sustained lifestyle improvement
  • 61% of participants have improved their risk factors related to hypertension, diabetes and obesity in one or more of the following ways:
    • reduced waist circumference,
    • reduced triglycerides,
    • increased HDL - the "good cholesterol",
    • lowered Blood Pressure,
    • reduced Fasting Glucose
  • Average weight loss per participant: 11 pounds
  • Total weight loss: 6355 pounds or 3.2 tons!

Participant Testimonies from Spring 2013:

  • "I just want to say "Thank you very much" for this very helpful program. It took me 15-20 years to get 25-30 pounds over-weight. Now I've lost 16 pounds in ten weeks! Just a little over half of what I intend to lose, so onward and upward."
  • "My total cholesterol is better, my triglycerides and BMI have improved. I am drinking more water and am still following the principles I have learned. Thank you so much for this program!"
  • "Triglycerides went down to normal and HDL went up to great!"
  • "I really did not realize what a sugar addict I was and found it somewhat difficult to 'kick the habit!' I found the information on sugar consumption (and food consumption in general) to be very helpful. Thank heavens for H2Orange! I am still drinking it in place of all soda water. My second biggest challenge was to curtail my evening 'snacking' of mostly chocolate, candy, cookies and milk. I must confess that I do miss those!"
  • "Definitely my way of thinking about food and my hunger level. I have never stopped to think if I am really hungry or it is just a habit. Amazing how this program teaches you to pay attention to that. I was skeptical at first and now I am a true believer."
  • "My blood pressure and cholesterol came down."
  • "My blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar level went down."
  • "My fasting glucose was 103 when I started the program which is pre-diabetic and after the 10 weeks, it was 95 within normal range!!"

Participants report the following information after the Spring 2013 program:

  • 63% increased exercise
  • 86% reduced sugar intake
  • 34% decreased indigestion
  • 57% increased self confidence
  • 73% increased energy levels
  • 17% improved depression
  • 62% improved their outlook on "weight out of control"
  • 44% improved their outlook on "health out of control"
  • 69% reduced fast food consumption
  • 91% were overall satisfied with the program

With results like this, who wouldn't want to "be all they can be"? We owe it to ourselves, our families, our friends, our employer and to the Kingdom to take great care of our "earth suit"!

Fall 2013 Naturally Slim Program for NEW and REPEAT Participants

Beginning on August 5th, the online application will be open. You (regular full-time faculty/staff and their spouse, if applicable) may apply for this program at You will also receive a separate Baylor email announcement about applying for the Naturally Slim Program. (Just in case, please check your "junk mail" for this announcement). You are considered a former "participant" even if you were only able to complete a few of the Foundations program videos during a previous semester. All "alumni" participants have the opportunity to refresh, reinvigorate and/or pick up what was previously missed. The $100 incentive applies to NEW participants who successfully complete the Fall 2013 program.

Important Dates

  • August 18th: Deadline to complete the online application.
  • August 23rd: All applicants will be notified whether or not they are accepted.
  • August 26th - September 6th: Pre-course biometric screenings will be conducted on site by Star Wellness for NEW participants only. Repeat participants will do a post-program screening only. Final screening dates and sites to be announced!
  • September 9th: Online program begins for accepted applicants.

More to come!

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