Contingent Workers (Auxiliaries)

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Managing Contingent Workers

The Department Head/Supervisor is responsible for communicating Baylor University policy to the Contingent Worker. Should they be granted access to Baylor University owned technology, they agree to abide with the standards set forth in the Technology Systems Usage Policy BU-PP 025, including accepting responsibility for maintaining separate backups of personal files stored on Baylor University owned technology, if necessary.

Concluding the Contingent Worker relationship with the University, it is the department's responsibility to collect all University property, (including an ID card, keys, computer), if applicable. The department will assume administrator rights to University owned computer/equipment. Prior to separation, it is the Contingent Worker’s responsibility to remove any personal files and transfer any personal emails or contacts.

Contingent Worker Definition

Contingent Workers are a category of individuals who are engaged or affiliated with Baylor in a variety of ways that are given established privileges in exchange for a collaborative and mutually beneficial service they provide in support of Baylor programs. Contingent Workers do not receive compensation from Baylor; in most instances these individuals receive compensation from their employer. For those providing a form of service to Baylor, the value of the privileges is less than what would need to be taxed.

With the exception of those volunteers permitted by the Department of Labor, the University does not allow volunteers. Although Baylor is a private entity, we remain subject to this regulation. For this reason, the described role proposed will be reviewed to determine whether a Contingent Worker designation or an employment arrangement is most appropriate.

Contingent Worker Categories

Baylor University can approve Contingent Worker requests provided the individual falls in one of the following categories:

  • Visiting Scholars who have a formal agreement to collaborate with Baylor faculty and either receive salary from a home institution or are on a reciprocal agreement (home/sponsoring departments will be asked to provide HR with a copy of the agreement)
  • Field Supervisors for approved academic programs
  • Adjunct Faculty teaching on campus under external contract (i.e., Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, etc.)
  • Personnel performing work on campus under external contract services (i.e., Aramark, Follett, Ricoh, etc.)

Contingent Worker Requests

Departments wishing to set-up a Contingent Worker’s email, or other privileges must complete the Contingent Worker request. Following receipt of the request form, Baylor Human Resources will review the described role to determine whether an employment relationship is required in lieu of a Contingent Worker designation. Baylor HR will request a copy of Visiting Scholar agreements or other contracts, as appropriate. Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to the requester, along with the new Contingent Worker’s ID number and any special instructions related to accessing campus privileges.

In most cases, all authorized privileges (including email, parking, ID cards, as applicable) will be activated the next business day following the confirmation email.

Please complete and submit the Contingent Worker Online Request Form for your request to be reviewed.

Contingent Worker Access

The accesses that are set up for a group are related to the type of group and what contract agreements, if any, Baylor has with that group. If there is no contract, discussion will take place between Baylor HR, Office of General Counsel, and Tax Compliance as to what accesses are appropriate. Additionally, discussion among these offices will take place when a group is added or changes are being considered to a group’s existing privileges.

When a Contingent Worker is leaving the University

Departments wishing to terminate a Contingent Worker’s access (including email, building access, and other privileges) should deactivate the member online or send an email to The email should include the Contingent Worker’s name and ID number, if known.

To deactivate:

Contingent Worker Review

Contingent Worker requests are approved for up to one year and may be renewed as needed. Baylor HR sends a reminder to each department sponsor twice a year and requests a review of their Contingent Workers. Any updates should be initiated by sending an update request to

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Contingent Workers, please email or call 254.710.2000 to connect with a Baylor Human Resources team member. The Baylor Human Resources office is located in the Clifton Robinson Tower in Suite 200.