BU Insourcing

IMPORTANT: Please reference the Coronavirus FAQs at www.baylor.edu/coronavirus for specific details about Baylor's response and available benefits for employees during this time.

At a time of unprecedented change and economic uncertainty in all organizations including higher education, Baylor must utilize internal talent in the most judicious way. Across the University, we are seeing shifts in the way we work to support our students, faculty and other staff members. To ensure we are shifting and developing our resources where they are most needed, we have implemented an internal talent sourcing and redeployment program. This allows the University to fulfill an organizational need while also allowing staff to expand their knowledge of other areas.

BU Insourcing is a program designed for division leaders and managers to source internal talent with availability and additional capacity to fill strategic needs. This program is not designed to maintain positions when position responsibilities do not exist but to provide opportunities for employees to support areas of the University with identified and approved strategic needs. Ongoing review of the Insourcing pool availability will be done to continue redeployment efforts or to address absence of ongoing work assignments.

Managers Sourcing Internal Talent

Managers should consult with their HR Consultant on strategic position needs and submit Division approved requests for staffing resources through the BU Insourcing Staffing Request Form. BU Insourcing request will be reviewed by an HR Talent Acquisition Specialist within two (2) business days.

The Talent Acquisition Specialist will:

  • Evaluate the request and determine what staffing resources are available to fill the need
  • Discuss the assignment with the staff member including assignment duties, timing and training
  • Reach out to the manager to discuss timing and onboarding of the identified staff member
  • Connect the manager with the staff member for onboarding and transition
  • To the extent possible, assign exempt staff to exempt positions and non-exempt staff to non-exempt positions through BU Insourcing

Managers With Internal Talent Available for Insourcing

Managers can submit employees for inclusion in the BU Insourcing pool by filling out the Staff Available for BU Insourcing Form. Please submit one form per staff member. Staff will be assigned based on the identified strategic business needs of the University while considering the individual’s specific skills, work experience, work location, and available work times.

Additional points for managers to consider:

  • Managers should not submit staff for BU Insourcing in lieu of effective performance management and should provide transparency in any known skill gaps.
  • Managers must speak to their employees about adding them to the BU Insourcing pool before the employee’s name is submitted.
  • Managers should continue to support their employees through the transition and ongoing support when that employee still maintains role responsibilities within their department.

BU Insourcing Forms

Use the online forms below for BU Insourcing based on the needs of your Division/Department. Once a form has been submitted, a Baylor HR Team Member will contact you within two (2) business days.

BU Insourcing Staffing Request Form

Staff Available for BU Insourcing Form

If you have additional questions regarding this process, please email askHR@baylor.edu for assistance.