MDLIVE Virtual Care

IMPORTANT: Please reference the Coronavirus FAQs at for specific details about Baylor's response and available benefits for employees during this time.

Get care when and where you need it.

MDLIVE's licensed doctors and therapists can treat many non-emergency medical health and behavioral health conditions, like:

General Health Pediatric Care Behavioral Health
Allergies Cold/Flu Anxiety
Asthma Ear Infections Relationship Issues
Sinus Infections Pink Eye Depression and/or Loss and Grief

They can also write and send prescriptions (when appropriate) to a nearby pharmacy.

Choosing a Doctor

Finding a virtual visits doctor is easy. You can access MDLIVE online at, by phone at 888.680.8646 or simply text "BCBSTX" to 635483 to receive a link to get started.

  1. You must register to use your MDLIVE account. We recommend you register now, so you are prepared when you need quality care.
  2. Request to see a doctor. MDLIVE doctors are available by phone or video. You can request to wait to see a doctor right away or schedule your appointment for a time that works for you.
  3. Have your visit. MDLIVE doctor will go through your symptoms, recommend a treatment, and can even send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy as needed.


  • If concerns for COVID-19 are present during your medical assessment, the MDLIVE physician will help guide you to the appropriate level of care.
  • All telehealth visits with MDLIVE or with your in-network provider are covered at 100% with no copay, deductible, or coinsurance for both the PPO and HDHP plans until further notice.
  • Beginning March 1, 2020 for PPO Plan members and March 19, 2020 for HDHP members, all fees associated with utilizing MDLIVE are temporarily waived. Please note, due to the time involved with making this temporary modification to the plan, you may be required to initially pay when utilizing MDLIVE. This charge will be re-processed by Blue Cross Blue Shield to initiate a refund.