ERG - Employee Resource Groups

What is an ERG?

An Employee Resource Group serves as a resource for members and the University by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the institutional mission, vision, goals, business practices, and objectives.

In other words, it’s a group of faculty and staff with a common purpose coming together to provide opportunities to connect with and to support each other.

What does an ERG do?

It depends on the needs and services of the group. It could include guest speakers, attending community events, professional development, social interactions, etc.

Who can be part of the ERG?

ERGs are open to all faculty and staff of the University.

What is the goal of the ERG program and how do I start an ERG?

The goal of the ERG program is to provide a hub for information and support for faculty and staff groups. This is an evolving initiative, and a process for groups to become an ERG is in development. If you are interested in starting an ERG, please email to learn more.

BU Guide to ERG Formation


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Black Faculty & Staff Association

The Black Faculty Staff Association is dedicated to providing Black faculty, staff, and graduate students professional development, support, and mentoring through critical dialogue, cultural awareness, networking, recruitment, and retention in order to further enrich our academic excellence, worldwide leadership and service, and Christian commitment within a caring community.

If you are currently a BFSA member and need to pay dues, please do so using this ONLINE FORM. You'll need to log in with your BearID and Password to access the form.

Latinx Faculty & Staff Association

LFSA is an organization meant to serve and advocate on the behalf of the Latinx faculty and staff members of Baylor University. LFSA is committed to supporting their personal and professional development and advancement.

If you are currently a LFSA member and need to pay dues, please email