Recruiting and Hiring Faculty

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Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Process

The Provost's Office coordinates the faculty recruitment and hiring process, so that site offers valuable process and form information. Once the new faculty member has been selected and accepted the offer, then Human Resources begins the official employment process.

Notes About Temporary Faculty Process

Term of Hire: Departments may hire temporary full-time lecturers for more than one semester in order to fill a teaching need in the event that a search for a longer-term faculty member is not possible or feasible. These hires should be for a period of one semester or one year while a longer-term faculty member is being sought, but may in many cases be extended for a second year in the event that that effort is unsuccessful.

Processing: FTPBA Forms will not be processed until a background check has been completed. Faculty are not allowed in the classroom without a completed background check.

Faculty from Other Department: If a regular faculty member will be teaching in a department other than their home department, please complete a BearQuest on them as an overload payment, rather than using an FTPBA. These appointments must have approval of the faculty member's home department Chair (where applicable) and Dean prior to the BearQuest being initiated. Be sure to attach a copy of the approval email in the "Discussion" tab of the Bearquest

Forms: Please use the links above to access the forms each time you need to complete one, in order to ensure that you are always submitting the latest version of each form.

Steps to Hire a Temporary Faculty Member

Academic departments wishing to hire temporary faculty (part-time and full-time) follow these steps:
  1. Complete in BearQuest.
      Answer all of the questions, and include the assigned courses in the justification.
      For the effective dates, the start date is the Monday before the first class day of the semester, and the end date is Commencement Day. For summer semesters, use the first and last day of class.
  2. Initiate the background check process by completing this form: Background Check Request. Each candidate will be sent a link to an online background check consent form.

    Background checks should be initiated for:
      New faculty (including graduates who were formerly teaching assistants and graduate assistants)
      Returning faculty who have had a break in service longer than two years
  3. Once the BearQuest is approved and a background check has been initiated, send the following documents to the Provost's Office for approval:

  4. Documents Temporary
    (8 semester hours or less
    (9 semester hours or more)
    Letter of application X
    Curriculum vitae X X
    Official transcript of highest degree completeda,b X X
    Religious Affiliation Form X
    Faculty Certification of Credentials form X X
    Staff Teaching Request & Authorization form Required for staff who will be teaching (limit one course per semester)

      a If Ph.D. is in progress, transcripts showing hours completed toward Ph.D. will also be required.
      b Official electronic transcripts are acceptable. Electronic transcripts must be requested by the candidate’s department, which must print the transcript file, including the statement of authenticity, to include in the documents sent to the provost’s office.

  5. Notify new hires that they must visit Human Resources on or before their first day of employment to submit their faculty employment forms and provide acceptable I.D.

Contact for Questions

BearQuest: 254-710-8462
Budget Office: 254-710-2663
Human Resources: 254-710-2000
Provost’s Office:254-710-3601