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Core Commitments

Baylor University’s rich history of transformative education was founded on Christian values. As stewards of the Baylor mission, our Core Commitments were developed to ensure that these values are maintained at the core of who we are, how we work, and what we aspire to model to the students whom we are called to serve.

News and Calendar

Adoption & Foster Seminar Dec. 5, 2022 On Tuesday, December 13 from 6:00pm till 8:00pm in the Clifton Robinson Tower, Suite 200 (2nd floor, HR Training Room) an informative seminar will be presented by Baylor Human Resources along with Nightlight Christian Adoptions and Arrow Child & Family Ministries. Register today. Learn about the adoption and foster care processes and the adoption assistance benefits Baylor offers to eligible Baylor faculty and staff. FitCheck at Baylor Dec. 5, 2022 The department of HHPR invites you to participate in a health and wellness check run by our students in conjunction with the Family Practice Residency program of Waco. The program will follow University health & safety guidelines for COVID-19. Getting Unstuck Dec. 4, 2022 We tend to think of success as a linear progression of unimpeded forward progress. But success isn't a straight line. Many of us feel confused, defeated, or discouraged as we work toward our goals. We feel stuck, but that doesn't mean we have failed. In this five-part series through RightNow Media@Work, speaker and bestselling author Nona Jones will unpack practical ways to get out of the emotional, mental, and intellectual ruts we often find ourselves in. It's time to get unstuck. Spring Student Employment Reminders Dec. 3, 2022 Need to hire spring student workers? Here are some things to know that will assist student worker managers with tools and forms for hiring, rehiring, separations and any changes. Guided Learning and the Journeys Tile in Ignite are also available tools for student worker hiring.