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Core Commitments

Baylor University’s rich history of transformative education was founded on Christian values. As stewards of the Baylor mission, our Core Commitments were developed to ensure that these values are maintained at the core of who we are, how we work, and what we aspire to model to the students whom we are called to serve.

News and Calendar

Ignite News & Announcements Feature Jun. 14, 2021 With a flood of emails and Microsoft Teams chats moving throughout your day, the Ignite News & Announcements Feature will provide you a simplified resource for receiving important information. Log into Ignite and scroll down to see this new feature. Check back regularly for new and updated content! Enneagram Leadership Program Jun. 13, 2021 Dean Jon Singletary, PhD, is partnering with the GSSW’s Center for Church and Community Impact to offer a certificate program called Enneagram for Leadership. Courses can be purchased individually or as a package. BU employees can enjoy a 20% discount! Professional and Leadership Development Jun. 12, 2021 Professional and leadership development courses are available through HR. Courses offered this summer include, Crucial Conversations, The Power of Habit, Leading Great Meetings, Making Your One-on-One Meetings Matter, Setting and Managing Goals, and more. Register today! FitWell for All Summer Program Jun. 11, 2021 If you are in Waco, please join us for an ALOHA summer including F45, Refit, Tone & Stretch, Bear Cycle, Boxing, Hip Hop, special Monday Madness activities, and Wacky Wednesday Workouts! Program is June 1 - August 6. Cost is only $30 for the entire summer!