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Baylor retirees have much to look forward to. When you’re ready to begin planning the next phase of your life, we’re here to help guide you. Advise you. And be with you every step of the way.

Planning Your Retirement. Once you’ve made the decision to retire, you’ll have some decisions to make, and no doubt, some questions about things like Social Security, Medicare, Insurance Plans, and the benefits you’ll take with you. We can help.
Enjoying Your Retirement. Your relationship with Baylor doesn’t end with retirement—it begins an exciting new chapter—with benefits, perks, special privileges and programs to keep you connected and involved. See what’s ahead.

News and Calendar

Texas Senate Bill 212 Dec. 3, 2019 A new Texas law requires any employee of a college or university in Texas to report to the Title IX Coordinator any information regarding an alleged incident of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking, committed by or against a person enrolled at or employed by the institution at the time of the incident. The law requires colleges to terminate employment for employees who fail to report such matters and imposes criminal penalties of up to a year in jail. Read more details. Read More Premium Holiday Dec. 2019 Dec. 2, 2019 All benefits-eligible Baylor employees will enjoy a premium "holiday" during December 2019 - a one-time only event - as no insurance premiums from designated categories as listed on the premium holiday webpage will be deducted from paychecks. Learn more on the Human Resources website. Read More REMINDER: 2020 Leave Time Policy Changes Dec. 1, 2019 Effective January 1, 2020. Baylor has revised its leave policies to better support the needs of Eligible Employees. These revisions provide more immediate access to paid leave time, create new leave options, and offer greater assurance of paid leave being available to you. Learn more at Read More REMINDER: Employee Leave Time Tracking Nov. 25, 2019 Friendly reminder that per Baylor policies all staff should be tracking their leave time and communicating with their manager regarding leave time on a monthly basis. Review all leave related policies under the Faculty & Staff Benefits section of the Baylor University Personnel Policies website for more information. Read More

Retiree Advantages

Baylor retirees enjoy a wide range of advantages, perks and privileges not often available at most universities:

Athletic Tickets

Faculty, staff, and retirees are eligible for discounted or free admission to campus Athletic events.

Dining Services

The University offers several dining venues on campus. Some of the dining venues on campus are subsidized for current or retired employees. Based on the person's benefit status, faculty, staff, and retirees may be eligible for up to 50% off at some dining venues.

Baylor Theatre

Plays are presented throughout the year. Season tickets are available, as are tickets for individual performances. For more information, including dates and ticket prices, call 710-1865.

School of Music

Concerts, recitals, operas, symphony orchestra, guest artists and bands perform throughout the year. Schedules and more information is available through the School of Music, 710-3991.