Returning Faculty & Staff Benefits

Upon return to Baylor, previous faculty and staff members receive the same benefits as new employees. Some benefits require a minimum number of years of service for eligibility and the list below details how those calculations are managed.

Retirement Plan

If you received retirement contributions from Baylor during your previous employment at the University, contributons to your retirement plan begin upon your return with no waiting period. Be sure to enroll with your preferred vendor.

Sick Time Balance

If you return in less than one year from the date of your exit, your previously-accumulated sick time is reinstated.

Time Off Accumulation & Service Awards Recognition

Faculty: Faculty members who previously held full-time positions receive credit for their prior service.

Staff: Staff members who previously held full- or part-time positions receive credit for their prior service.

Tuition Remission

Employees seeking to utilize the tuition remission benefit must have one continuous year of employment at Baylor University immediately prior to the need for tuition remission.