BaylorCompass Navigation

The BaylorCompass 'Home' tab/tile (default view upon logging in)
  • Profile: a brief summary including your supervisor and Human Resource Consultant.
  • My Tasks: a list of Learning or other tasks currently to be completed in the system.
  • Activity Tracker: a list of your recent activity; modify what is displayed by clicking the wrench icon tab, OR hide the tracker by clicking the right arrow in the upper-left.
The 'My Performance' tab/tile
  • Profile tab: includes your title, email address, supervisor, department, etc.
  • Goals tab: displays entered goals and allows you to track your progress and make notes.
  • Development Plans tab: view your current and past learning activities here.
  • Evaluations tab: This tab displays staff performance process records.
The 'Learning Library' tab/tile
  • Learning List: a list of currently available learning courses offered to faculty and staff.
  • Advanced Search: button on the right side of the screen above the Learning list; limit the courses displayed in the list by searching for particular titles, keywords, descriptions, etc.
  • Calendar View: the second of three icons just above the 'Advanced Search' button; change your course list to a calendar view. The Learning Calendar allows you to view available sessions (offered meeting times) for each course in the Learning List. Note: To move forward to available courses for the month of March, click the single arrow to the right of the 'Today' button above the calendar.
  • List View: toggle back to the Learning List view by clicking the first icon above the 'Advanced Search' button.
  • Find out more about the Learning Library by visiting the BaylorCompass Learning page.
The 'Task Status' tab/tile
  • Only available during active annual processes such as performance appraisals, this tab will appear and allow you to easily track your own and, if you are a manager, your employees' progress.

For Managers

If you supervise other employees, you will have some additional tools available to you in the system.

Note: If you have direct reports, but cannot see the 'My Employees' or 'Reports' tabs, please contact HR.

The 'My Employees' tab/tile
  • Employee List: a list of employees who report to you.
  • Advanced Search: view the list differently with the Advanced Search button on the right; display just your direct reports, or both your direct reports and their reports.
  • Sort & add columns: click a column header to sort by values in that column. Hover over a column header to see a drop-down arrow appear beside it; click the drop-down arrow and select the 'Columns' menu option to add or remove columns from your list.
  • Name & Profile columns: click an employee's name or the 'View' link in their Profile column to see their profile, tasks, and all other aspects of their performance information.
  • (To leave an Employee view and return to your list of employees, click the blue 'Employees' link that appears above their Profile tab.)
  • Goals, Development Plans, & Evaluations columns: the links in these columns will take you directly to your employee's Goals, Development Plans, or Evaluations under their 'My Performance' tab. You can navigate to other areas of each employee's performance by starting from any of their links in your Employee list.
The 'Reports' tab/tile
  • Dashboard: several basic employee reports about appraisal processes and other annual activities.
  • Reports List: a list of basic employee reports covering performance, learning, compensation, and other data that will be generated within the system.