Performance Management

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams

One of the marks of an effective manager and leader is the ability to develop the people you lead.  Developing people requires individual attention to each employee's unique abilities and needs.  It is important to remember that developing employees is not a function of an annual review; it is an ongoing process of coaching, collaboration, and seeking out opprtunities for your team members to grow.  There are many resources available to you as you lead and develop your team.  Click on the links below to learn more about these effective development tools.

Employee Professional Development Plan

Learn about individualized development plans in BaylorCompass.

Managing Performance Year-Round

Develop connections with your employees throughout the year. Practice continuous feedback and conversations with your team.

One-on-One Conversation Resources

Explore this resource for tools to conduct one-on-one meetings with your employees. Find tips and sample questions to help you begin these important development conversations. 

Performance Feedback for New Employees and Their Managers

Find out how to support new employees in the feeback process.

Performance Feedback Process

Understand the performance feedback process, and specifically your role in the process as a manager.