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Baylor University encourages faculty, staff and supervisors to have a positive, accepting attitude toward working women and breastfeeding. Baylor University promotes and supports breastfeeding and the expression of breast milk by faculty and staff who are providing breast milk to their infants when they return to work by providing information to all faculty and staff about the benefits of breastfeeding and Baylor's policy that supports breastfeeding. This policy is to ensure that supervisors, faculty and staff are supportive of faculty and staff's needs related to combining working and breastfeeding.

Eligibility for Lactation Accommodation

All Baylor University faculty and staff are eligible for an accommodation for the purpose of expressing breastmilk for her nursing child for up to one year after the child's birth.

View our Nursing Mother Rooms - Campus Map.

Breastfeeding Support and Supplies

Effective April 15, 2013, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas expanded its implementation of preventive services under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to include coverage for electric and hospital grade breast pumps. This coverage applies to non-grandfathered plans and policies (Baylor's medical plan is a non-grandfathered plan), and expands the breastfeeding support options available to members without cost-sharing. Electronic breast pumps will only be eligible for 100% reimbursement if received from an in network provider or Durable Medical Equiment supplier. A prescription for medical necessity is required, meaning the employee must be pregnant or currently breastfeeding. Retail purchases will not be covered (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.). Hospital grade breast pumps are only eligible for rental up to the purchase price when rented from an in network Durable Medical Equipment supplier. Retail purchases are not covered. Breast Pump Supplies (Codes: A4281-A4286) are covered at 100% without cost-sharing. (A4281 is tubing and A4284 is the shield.)

Pump Type Coverage Level Qualifying Source Limit/Restriction
Manual Breast Pump E0602 100% no cost-share In-Network, Out of Network, Retail N/A
Electric Breast Pump E0603 100% no cost-share In Network Provider or contracted Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier only One per calendar year
Hospital Grade Breast Pump 100% no cost-share In Network or contracted DME supplier  Coverage is the rental cost up to the purchase price
E0604 Rental Only   ($125-$150)
Breast Pump Supplies A4281-A4286 are covered at 100% without cost-sharing.

Below are a few in-network providers that carry electric breast pumps and will ship to any address. There are very few plans that these providers are not contracted with, but they are remote ancillary providers and must follow the claims filing rules. Request that they contact UMR/United Healthcare customer service (1.877.370.8951) to make sure they are in network for your plan. (They must be in network with the state where the patient lives/the breast pump is shipped to.)

  • Byram Health Care - breast pump department - 877-73-1972
  • Edgepark Medical Supply - 800-307-5930 - OPT 1 - breast pump department

Procedure to Request Lactation Time

To make reasonable time away from work arrangements to express breast milk employees needing accommodation must contact their supervisor or Human Resources. Compensated break and normal meal (lunch) times can be used for this accommodation. Scheduling decisions should be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

How to Respond to an Employee Request

Supervisors are encouraged to work within University policies regarding breaks and hours of work to accommodate employees who wish to use this accommodation. Generally, a maximum of 30-45 minutes, up to 3 times a day, should be sufficient; however, an employee's required time is impacted by individual needs and the proximity of a reasonable space for lactation. A reasonable space should be sanitary, private, secure, shielded from view, and free from intrusion from others.

Examples of Reasonable Space for Lactation

  • A clean area that is separated from the restroom facility by a door
  • A small, unused room that can be secured
  • A room equipped with comfortable seating, table, and ample electrical outlets near the chair

Examples of Unreasonable Space for Lactation

  • Restroom area
  • Supply closet

Expectations for Employee

  • Before going on FMLA, communicate with supervisor what needs you will have regarding time away from work for lactation
  • Provide own pump, adapter, and accessories as well as small cooler or insulated bag if refrigerator is not available for storage
  • Tidy area after use

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