Continuation of Insurance Coverage

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Understanding Continuation of Coverage

Baylor University's medical plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas was established as a Church Plan. Church Plans are exempt from Federal COBRA continuation coverage (ERISA) legislation.

Employees who are separating from service and their dependents who have been covered by medical/dental plans may apply for continued coverage for up to 18 months subject to the following conditions:

  • Participants must apply within 30 days of separation from full time employment for extended coverage.
  • Participants must not be eligible for Medicare or other employer group coverage.
  • Participants must pay the total monthly medical insurance premium.

Employees who are separating from service and are participating in the Unreimbursed Medical (URM) flexible spending account may continue on this plan until the end of the year. The benefit to continue with this plan would be to allow submission of claims after the separation date.

Spouse and Dependents

Dependents (spouse/children) who no longer meet eligibility requirements (divorce/limiting age 26) may continue as an individual on the medical/dental plans for up to 36 months. The requirements listed above still apply.

Discovery Benefits and Process

Discovery Benefits, LLC has been retained by Baylor University to serve as our insurance premium billing administrator. The Baylor University Group Medical Plan (the “Plan”) is a church plan that is exempt from the COBRA continuation rules in Title I of ERISA. All post-employment coverage provided under the Plan may be modified or eliminated by Baylor University at any time.

The following outlines the process for enrolling in benefits through Discovery Benefits upon the exit of an Eligible Employee:

  1. Receive a Welcome Letter from Discovery Benefits along with information about enrolling in benefits.
  2. Make any benefit elections as stated in the enrollment packet.
  3. Set up premium payments with Discovery Benefits.

The Baylor University insurance premium billing service requires Monthly payment of premiums. Premium payments are due on the 1st day of each month. Premium payments in their entirety should be paid before the due date to ensure uninterrupted coverage. Failure to remit entire premium payment by the due date may/will terminate your participation in the Baylor University insurance premium billing service.

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