Veteran Resources for Interviewing

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Before You Arrive for Your Interview

Explore and Ultilize Veteran Transition Resources
Speak with a Baylor Talent Acquistition Specialist for personalized consultation for transitioning to civilian life, resume, and interview assistance
Review Baylor's Benefits, including ADA

Tips for a Successful Interview at Baylor

Research Baylor, the Department, and the Job Description

Make sure you are familiar with the requirements for the position for which you are interviewing. Be prepared to discuss specific aspects of the job and relate how your skills and experience make you the best candidate. Be prepared to ask questions about the organization at the appropriate time as well. Remember, you are interviewing Baylor as much as Baylor is interviewing you. It is recommended that you become familiar with Baylor University’s mission statement and our vision statement, Pro Futuris.

Be Prepared to Discuss Your Faith

Baylor is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and as such Baylor is permitted to consider religious affiliation in its employment decisions. If you have never interviewed with a religious organization previously, being asked about your faith in an interview will most likely be a new experience. Baylor is committed to providing a welcoming and nurturing work environment, and complies with all federal and state non-discriminatory laws, but as a private Christian university, our unique faith identity is an important part of who we are. Exercising our legal right to discuss matters of faith in the selection process is a critical piece of Baylor fulfilling its mission.

Plan Ahead

Remember the old adage, you only get once chance to make a first impression. Arriving late for an interview may create an obstacle you cannot overcome. To help ensure you arrive on time, plan your route prior to the day of your interview. If you have concerns about parking, ask your recruiter about parking options before the day of your interview. Make sure you leave your home or hotel well in advance of your arrival time, and allow for unforeseen circumstances such as issues with traffic. It is recommended you plan your route in advance so you can identify the shortest route, and potential alternate routes should encounter traffic issues.


While there is no way to know exactly which questions will be asked of you in an interview, think through different scenarios that you might anticipate arising in your interview. A good tip is to write out questions you anticipate might be asked, and then prepare your answer. If you expect to present some data to support one of your answers, compile the data prior to the interview. It is always best if you can answer with solid information instead of speculating in an answer. Remember, your answers to interview questions should demonstrate why you would be a great candidate to fill the job

Be Specific

Listen closely to each question and then answer directly. For example, if the interviewer asks you to tell about a time you had a difficult interaction with a customer, tell about a specific interaction. Answers that give specifics about the issue involved, the actions taken, and the outcome are much stronger answers than speaking hypothetically about how you would handle a situation if it were to occur. Questions that ask for specific examples require specific answers.

Dress for Success

You want to make a good first impression, and your choice of apparel can say a lot about how serious you are treating the interview. Our dress code is business casual, but the specifics can vary from department to department. When in doubt, ask your recruiter for suggestions.

Baylor Benefits for Veterans

Baylor offers tuition remission benefits toward an undergraduate and/or graduate degree for full-time faculty and staff members. You can see more information about the tuition benefits, how to qualify, and apply here

Additionally, should you decide to use the tuition benefit, you will be able to join the Veterans of Baylor student organization to help your transition back into academic life, as well as manage your career. As a student, you will also have access to the Baylor Career Center, which offers numerous resources and services specific for veteran's needs. You can read more about the services and resources offered by the Baylor Career Center at their website

Baylor is ranked at No. 38 among national universities in the Best Colleges for Veterans ranking. Baylor's commitment to supporting veteran students is furthered by the Veteran Educational and Transition Services (VETS) program. VETS helps transitioning veterans achieve academic success at Baylor by helping students partner with departments to support their unique needs. VETS helps students engage, grow, and thrive at Baylor by offering mentorship opportunities, transition and family resources, academic support, and community. You can read more about the VETS program here