Leadership Commitments

The leadership commitments serve as a supplement to the core commitments for those who serve in management roles to promote stewardship of the university's resources.

Manage Ethically and Ensure Organizational Compliance

By managing ethically, legally, and in compliance with organizational standards, leaders operate by and adhere to the University’s values and policies and hold others accountable for them.

Key Attributes: Integrity, Leadership Presence

Lead with Courage Through Change and Conflict

By leading with courage through change and conflict, leaders create an environment where others can maximize talents and have faith difficult issues will be addressed fairly and confidentially.

Key Attributes: Conflict Management, Courage of Convictions, Facilitate Change

Coach and Develop Others

Through coaching and developing employees, leaders encourage others to contribute to the mission of the University and enable them to continuously improve.

Key Attributes: Mentor & Coach

Manage Work and Advance Performance

By managing work and advancing performance, leaders ensure their department functions effectively and takes responsibility for achieving goals.

Key Attributes: Drive for Results, Manage Others, Strategic Focus/Visioning

Build Engagement and Trust 

Leaders build engagement and trust by identifying, evaluating, and selecting internal and external talent who best fit the position and the University’s mission, as well as inspire others to perform well and foster an environment of honesty and confidence.

Key Attributes: Motivate Others, Cultivate Diversity

Build Partnerships Within and Across Teams

By building partnerships through influence, leaders develop positive relationships resulting in increased collaboration and high-performing teams. 

Key Attributes: Influence, Organizational Savvy, Seek Input & Inform