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Information for Exiting Staff

  • Staff who are voluntarily separating from the university must provide at least two (2) weeks’ notice to their supervisor.
  • Accrued vacation and/or holidays do not extend employment. In other words, an employee may not complete a final period of employment through the use of accrued vacation or holiday entitlement. The date of termination should be for the final day worked in the department.
  • Accrued but unused vacation time has cash value and upon separation from the University, Baylor will pay for accrued vacation balances up to the maximum payout levels in the table shown below.

  • Service Years Maximum Payout at Separation
    0-4 80 hours
    5-9 100 hours
    10-14 120 hours
    15-19 160 hours
    20+ 200 hours

    • Example 1: An employee who has 4 years of service with 40 hours of accrued and unused vacation time at separation will be paid for 40 hours of unused vacation time in his / her final paycheck.
    • Example 2: An employee who has 8years of service with 200 hours of accrued and unused vacation time at separation will be paid for 100 hours of unused vacation time in his / her final paycheck.
    • Balances used to determine maximum payout at separation will be determined as follows:
      • If an employee’s separation date is any day other than the last day of the employees pay period, the maximum payout balance will be determined by using the employees vacation time balance as of the end of the previous pay period less any vacation time taken in the current pay period.
      • If the employee’s separation date is on the last day of the pay period, the maximum payout balance will be their vacation time balance as of their separation date.
  • See these policies for helpful information about the exiting staff process:

Steps to Complete Prior to Your Last Day
  1. Submit a letter of resignation to your supervisor and/or department head. The letter should include the following information:

    Reason for resignation;

    Position title;
    Expected date of separation, a two-week notice required;
    Forwarding address for end-of-the-year W-2 mail outs; and
    Signature of separating employee.
  2. Complete the Staff Separation Processing Form in coordination with your department.

    Your department will verify clearance of all miscellaneous charges from "Section B" by contacting the appropriate offices;
    Your department will sign where appropriate to verify clearances have been completed; and
    Meet with your department to complete "Section A" (departmental clearance) and initial where applicable for verification.
  3. Complete the online Employee Exit Survey (Staff).
  4. Complete and print the Technology Access Form.
  5. Additional actions required by the separating employee prior to last day of employment:

    Return library books to the appropriate University Libraries;
    Pay or arrange to pay any indebtedness owed to the University or related entity;
    Remove any personal or private files from your computer; and
    Coordinate separation with Student Financial Aid Office if you, your spouse and/or your dependents are receiving tuition remission benefits.
Information About Exiting Staff Email Accounts
  • Staff voluntarily leaving the University will have their email account deactivated at 11:59 PM on your last day of employment.
  • Individuals involuntarily separated from the University will lose access immediately.
  • Email accounts for retirees currently remain active for an indefinite period.
  • Baylor currently provides former students an email account (BearID@alumni.baylor.edu) that allows them to continue to show their Baylor affiliation through their email address. If you meet the established level for provisioning of alumni accounts (see below), contact the helpdesk at 710-4357 or email,helpdesk@baylor.edu, to learn more on how to accessing this account. For more information on Alumni Email, please visit the ITS Alumni Email Page.

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