Managing Performance Year-Round

Next Steps after Performance Review

  1. Track goals
    Employees: In Ignite, employees can add notes, update progress, flag status, and percent complete.

    Managers: Managers can view progress of their employee's goals and discuss it throughout the year.
  2. Communicate Regularly
    Employees: Ask for feedback and provide updates to your manager.

    Managers: In Ignite, managers can view employee’s goal and learning progress.

    Meet regularly and reinforce expectations set in the performance conversation.

    Provide feedback using the STAR-AR model for both positive and developmental feedback.
  3. Seek/Support learning opportunities for personal and professional development
    Employees: In Ignite, employees can search the Learning Catalog for activities related to competencies they would like to develop.

    Managers: Managers can view their employees' learning activities.

    Employees should pursue opportunities to improve current processes and procedures.

    Seek opportunities to connect work with goals, strategic vision, and the overall university mission.

The performance process informs the merit increase process. You can read more about the merit process here.