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Understanding Open Enrollment

When is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment at Baylor begins on November 2, 2020 and ends on November 16, 2020.

What are the plan options during Open Enrollment?

During this window, you have the option to enroll in, or renew a plan.

When do plans begin?

Plans enrolled in during open enrollment begin January 1 of the new year.

Before Enrollment

  • Login to the SmartBen system and review your current plans. Click the ‘Plans’ link at the top of the home page, the click on a specific plan to review the details.
  • If you want to add a dependent for coverage for next year, now is the time to do it. You may not add dependents during the plan year unless you have a qualified change in status, also known as a qualified life event.You will need to provide the Social Security number and date of birth for any spouse or dependent you enroll.
    • If you have not received the Social Security number for a newborn, enter 111-11-1111. Contact Human Resources to update the dependent’s Social Security number after you receive it.
  • If you are electing Supplemental Term Life and AD&D Insurance, you need to enter the beneficiary name and relationship to you.

SmartBen People Manager

  • To add a spouse or dependent, click the ‘Add a Spouse’ or ‘Add a Dependent’ button(s) in the ‘People Manager’
    • Add their personal information, and click ‘Save.’
    • Note: Adding a person in the ‘People Manager’ does not assign them to a benefits plan. This is completed later in the enrollment process on an individual plan basis.
  • If you are electing Supplemental Term Life/AD&D coverage, click on ‘Beneficiary’ to add or change your beneficiary. Click ‘Save’ when you are finished.
    • Note: Adding a beneficiary in the ‘People Manager’ does not assign a beneficiary percentage. This is completed later in the enrollment process.
  • After you finish adding spouses, dependents, and/or beneficiaries to the ‘People Manager,’ click the button ‘Return to Lights’ to move forward in the enrollment process.

Steps for Open Enrollment

  1. Login to the SmartBen system with your BearID and password.
  2. On the home page of the SmartBen system, there will be a box titled ‘Benefits Enrollment’ that contains a countdown of the number of days remaining in the Open Enrollment Period. Click the ‘Begin Enrollment’ button below the countdown to begin enrollment.
  3. On the next screen there will be a box labeled ‘Available Enrollments.' Below that box, there is a button for ‘Annual Enrollment.’ Click this button to begin.
  4. You will enter the Enrollment process at the 'Benefit Manager' page. To enroll or make changes to a benefit, click on a benefit name. To change a benefit, click on the name of the benefit, and select which individuals are being covered from the ‘Who’s Being Covered’ box. After making the selection, choose the plan you wish to enroll in. After you decide, the box will turn green. Click on the ‘Continue’ button on the top right to move forward with the process.

    Note: If you are enrolling a spouse or dependent in coverage, click on the box next to the dependent you wish to enroll. If you are dropping a dependent from medical and/or dental coverage, you must uncheck the dependent you are dropping. If you changed coverage levels (e.g., from family to employee + child(ren) or from family to employee + spouse), your spouse or child is automatically dropped.

    Note: If the person you wish to add to coverage is not available in the “Who’s Being Covered’ box, add them in the ‘People Manager’ by clicking the ‘Add a Person’ button.
  5. Repeat the process outlined in Step 4 for all of the benefits you wish to enroll in. Once all of the elections are complete, all the benefits will have a green light. Click the green ‘Elect and Continue’ button on the right side to continue.
  6. The next page will allow you to review and verify the entered information. SmartBen will not be able to process the enrollment with inaccurate information. If you need to make corrections, they will be outlined in the ‘Enrollment Verification Tasks’ box. To make corrections, click on each item in the box and then click the green ‘Continue’ button when complete.
  7. The next screen will take you to a page called ‘Enrollment Confirmation’ where you will be able to review all of your elections. To confirm elections, enter your initials at the bottom, and click the green ‘Continue’ button. 
  8. You will be taken to a page titled ‘Congratulations’ which completes the enrollment process. Under the box titled ‘Print Your Confirmation Statement,’ click ‘click here’ to print the statement for your records.

    Note: At any time during the open enrollment period, you may log in to the SmartBen system and make changes to your elections.

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