Spring 2013 Earlier News

Baylor faculty/staff interest in a healthy lifestyle remains strong and vibrant! 170 new participants and 233 Alumni are participating in the Spring 2013 program. The number of participants will now total to 830 since the program started one year ago! In addition, this is the first time that Alumni can go participate in the Advanced program to renew and sustain their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Alumni can repeat the program each time it is offered to keep it going for sustained results. Way to go Baylor faculty and staff! We can't wait to report more great results. Stay tuned!

Naturally Slim Program

Naturally Slim is being offered in TWO ways. First, to new participants defined as regular full-time faculty and staff (and their spouse, if applicable) who did not participate in the 2012 programs. Click here to apply online now and before February 1st! (You will notice on the Naturally Slim landing page that it states "New & Former Students." Please note that the term 'students' refers to participants in the Naturally Slim plan, not actual students of the university. Once you are on the landing page, click "Enroll Now" and you will be on your way. Why should you consider the Naturally Slim program? Consider the Results for 2012 - Over 500 Baylor University Naturally Slim participants completed the 10-week Foundations program with dramatic results. The average weight loss for all participants is 10.5 pounds over the 10-week program. Numerous participants call the program "life changing." In total, all Baylor University participants have lost over 5,000 pounds. This is equal to 2.5 tons! Perhaps more importantly, 61% of participants with metabolic syndrome reversed their risk and 89% of those with Stage 2 hypertension reversed their conditions. For accepted participants, the Naturally Slim program (a $500 value) will be provided at no cost. Depending on volume of program participants and to assure equal access, name selection may be "lottery" style by the Naturally Slim vendor. Faculty and staff who participate in both pre- and post-program biometric screenings and complete 8 of 10 online video sessions will be eligible for a $100 incentive after the 10-week course. This incentive applies only to eligible faculty and staff (and not a spouse).

Second, to Alumni (2012 participants). NOTE: An Alumni is any participant that was accepted into the program, regardless of whether the program was completed. So all Alumni, completers and non-completers alike, have a great new opportunity to refresh the pursuit of health improvement! Please log on to www.naturallyslim.com/BaylorUniversity by February 1st and complete the online application by clicking "Enroll Now". *You may need to copy and paste this link in order to apply. Once you click "Enroll Now", you can choose to create a new account or use your existing account details. Just walk through the application questions and ensure you note that you are a past participant.

Baylor University is proud to offer to Alumni of the program the Naturally Slim Advanced course. The Advanced course is a 7-week program to enhance the original Naturally Slim Foundations 10-Week program. The new program reinforces the basic principles that enable individuals to lose weight and become healthier while eating all foods that you enjoy! The Advanced course also dives deeper into previously taught topics such as exercise, portion size, stress and the quality of the foods we consume. The latest research on new topics such as high fructose corn syrup, calorie enhanced restaurant foods and the dangers of abdominal obesity are presented.

Registration for the Advanced course is similar to your registration for the Foundations course. Baylor University wants you to continue with the principles of the program and take full advantage of refreshing your memory on how to live like a "True Thin". The only requirement is that you obtain a post-program screening once your Advanced course concludes. Baylor University will be providing these screenings at no charge and will offer more information on this requirement towards the end of the program. The screening will be held during the week of April 29th.

Important Dates - On-Site Pre-Course Biometric Screenings for NEW Naturally Slim Participants (Alumni do NOT complete pre-course screening; just a post-program screening)

School of Nursing: 7:30 to 10:30
February 11 - Room 208

Baylor Waco Campus: 7:30 to 11:30
February 12 - Reynolds Conference Suite
February 13 - HR Training Room