HR Advisory - November 27, 2012

Important Notices

•  Open Enrollment for 2013: November 1-30, 2012  
Open enrollment for 2013 will end on November 30th. Open enrollment is your annual opportunity to make benefit changes or enroll for the following calendar year, effective January 1... Read More

•  Unreimbursed Medical Spending Account (URM FSA) Participants  
The take care® Card is an electronic method for accessing your medical FSA benefits and is reloaded each year with your new election. Participation/continuation in flexible spending accounts requires annual enrollment during Open Enrollment. For details... Read More

•  REMINDER: Faculty/Staff Christmas Dinner  
Join us Monday, December 3rd, 6:30pm at the Ferrell Center.

•  SAVE THE DATE: Spring Staff Forum  
January 31, 2013 at Waco Hall (Details & formal invitation to follow).

•  Transition to an Electronic I-9  
HR is making plans to roll out a new electronic I-9 system in January 2013. Supervisors need to make note of the new process... Read More

Payroll Reminders for Year-End

•  W-4 Update  
If your filing status or number of allowances has changed, you should complete a new W-4 and submit it to the Payroll Office. To access the form, Click Here.

•  Electronic W-2 Election  
If you have not already elected to receive your W-2 in electronic form only, please consider the benefits... Read More

In December and January

•  Training & Development Planner  
Take a look at the training and development planner for December... Read More

•  Christmas and New Year's Holiday Schedule  
For details... Read More

Policy Spotlight

•  Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) BU-PP 408  
We are highlighting FMLA in a new section called "Policy Spotlight." You may qualify for FMLA if you (or your spouse) is pregnant, or if you are planning surgery or undergoing treatment for an illness. You may also qualify if you have a family member who is returning from military leave with a serious illness. For your rights and responsibilities... Read More

What's New

•  Annual Service Awards Program  
We are pleased to announce that Michael C. Fina, the leading provider of global employee reward, recognition, and incentive solutions, is our new Service Anniversary partner... Read More

•  2013 Maximum Retirement Income Plan Contribution Limits  
The 2013 limits in 403(b) voluntary contributions to the Baylor University Retirement Income Plan are... Read More

•  2012 Social Security Tax - Withholding Reduction  
The payroll tax cut was extended until December 31, 2012... Read More

•  New and Improved Faculty & Staff Homepage  
Check out the recently updated Faculty & Staff page... Read More

Wellness Updates

•  Naturally Slim - November Update  
The Fall 2012 Naturally Slim participants lost a total of 2,271 pounds or 1.14 tons! For participants that submitted their weight, there was an average cumulative weight loss of 11.0 pounds... Read More

•  Health Tip  
The time between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day is filled with fun, family and food!... Read More

HR At Your Service

•  Leadership Lessons  
Consider moments when you were at your best, and you will find that you were right there in the moment, fully and completely present... Read More

•  askHR Customer Service Center  
Have a human resource question or HR Advisory suggestion? Give us a call, send us an email, access our self-service portal, or stop by our office; we're excited to serve you!... Ask HR

Required Posting

•  2013 Annual Notice of Right to Participate in 403(b) Plan  
In compliance with 403(b) regulations, we are pleased to notify you of the availability of a 403(b) plan in which voluntary pre-tax and after-tax salary reduction contributions can be made... Read More