2013 Benefit Plan Highlights

Medical Benefits

While medical cost inflation is currently less than in recent years of double digit inflation, the ability to sustain increased medical benefit costs has required higher education institutions and virtually all other sectors to review ways to cope with the budgetary impact of this benefit. Baylor has deliberated various options for 2013 and has made changes that will continue to provide a competitive and strong medical benefit package for faculty and staff.

For 2013 the individual and family deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expenses, as well as the primary care doctor office visit and prescription copays, have been maintained providing an overall consistent benefit. The changes for 2013 are summed up as follows:

  • In-Network coinsurance changes to 80% (from 90%) and Out-of-Network coinsurance to 60% (from 70%). This will apply to all covered benefits whereas certain lab-X-Ray, Emergency Room and Acupuncture benefits currently have a higher coinsurance.
  • Specialist Office Visit Copay changes to $40 (from $30).
  • Inpatient per admission In-Network copay changes to $300 (from $200).
  • ER copay changes to $100 (from $50).
  • The 2013 Baylor plan will no longer be a "grandfathered" plan per health care reform rules, therefore, annual preventive medical costs will not be subject to a copay or coinsurance (assuming no law changes after the election).

To view how Baylor's 2013 plan compares to its 2012 plan, please click here.

To view how Baylor's 2013 plan compares to the benchmark higher education plan, please click here (last modified 11-01-2012, 3:15pm).

Medical Premiums

  • 2013 premiums take effect on the December 21, 2012 payroll for bi-weekly paid employees and December 28, 2012 for monthly paid employees.
  • Monthly premiums have increased between $0 to $14 depending on coverage election and annualized salary range.

Coverage Elections

2013 Faculty/Staff Monthly Premiums per Annualized Salary Range

2013 Total

or less

$33,701 -

$46,201 -

$58,701 -

$71,101 -

& over

Employee only








Employee + Spouse








Employee + Children








Employee + Family








Unreimbursed Medical FSA

For 2013, the maximum election will change to $2,500.00.

NEW: Short Term Disability Insurance Plan

This voluntary supplemental plan will be made available through Aflac. For information, click here.

Dental Benefits

For 2013 there are no changes in premiums, and the same benefit provisions have been maintained with the Direct Reimbursement Dental Benefit Plan.