HR Advisory - February 7, 2012

Important Notices

• Extension of Payroll Tax Cut 
The Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011 temporarily extends the payroll tax cut until February 29, 2012...Read More

• Flex Dollars from 2011 
While FSA claims should have been incurred during the regular calendar year, a "grace period" is offered. If you did not incur enough expenses to use the full amount of your 2011 FSA funds, you may request reimbursement for expenses incurred during January, February, and up to March 15th 2012 by faxing a manual claim to AFLAC...Read More

• Early Registration Opportunity for Eligible Dependents 
If you or your eligible family members plan to register for the summer and/or fall 2012 semester(s) and would like to access BearWeb on March 26 to register for classes during early registration, the electronic tuition remission application must be completed by February 16. All applicants must have an active student record prior to submitting the electronic tuition remission application.

In February

• Training & Development Planner for February 
Would you like to know the opportunities available in February? Take a look at the training and development planner for this month...Read More

Wellness Updates

• Naturally Slim Program Added to Wellness Offerings 
Baylor Faculty and Staff showed high interest in its newest wellness program offering...Read More

• Weight Watchers @ Work 
Baylor's Weight Watchers @ Work program began its newest plan for on-campus meetings on Tuesday, January 17, 2012...Read more

• New Fitness Programs 
New fitness programs...Read more


• 2011 Outstanding Staff Awards 
The annual Outstanding Staff Awards honor selected Baylor staff members' performance and service on the job and in the community. To see photos and learn more about the winners...Read More

• BaylorPlus Salute - Award Winner 
The BaylorPLUS Award recognizes a BaylorPLUS Salute recipient from the past year as a shining example of service to the Baylor family. This year's award winner...Read More

What's New

• New CVS Programs Added to Prescription Benefit 
Step therapy and specialty programs added to prescription drug benefit to help manage Rx costs...Read More

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