Faculty / Staff Homepage

Where do you get your news? Have you missed out on announcements regarding campus events or happenings? Do you find yourself thinking "Gee, I wish I would have known about that..."?

The Faculty/Staff homepage provides a wealth of information and easy access to Baylor's most popular links for faculty and staff members. There are featured articles, announcements, a calendar of events and much more. Take a few minutes to explore the Faculty/Staff page and if it is not already your homepage, why not mark it as a favorite and consider setting a reminder to check it out - even if only once or twice a week? Even better, sign up for the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) FEED - then whenever a news item is uploaded to the announcement section, you will receive an email of the announcement.

To sign up for RSS FEED:

• Under "News and Announcements," select "Announcements" from the drop down menu.

• Click on the green and gold RSS FEED link located at the bottom right corner.

• Follow the instructions (Your Outlook folder list already has an "RSS Feeds" folder; you may need to expand your 'inbox' to see it. Once you indicate that this is where you want your 'feed' to go, you will receive automatic updates of the announcements.)

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