Sue Koehler


Sue Koehler | Chair, Staff Council

Waco-McLennan County United Way is very much like Baylor University-an organization that serves others. As a Baylor staff member for many, many years I have witnessed Her employees demonstrating the "More Than Me" outlook. When giving to United Way we are supporting our friends, family and co-workers. You might never know how your donation has helped the person next to you in line at the store or even in the office next to yours. I encourage you to give - either a one-time pledge or a monthly pledge. All the funds assist local United Way agencies and you can even designate a specific organization if you so choose. Complete your pledge card today - with the on-line form for easy payroll deduction, or print a paper form to return with your check or pledge amount.

Thanks for being part of Baylor, the United Way, and our "More Than Me" efforts to serve people here.

Judge Ken Starr and Jim Patton

Let's join the United Way in "Helping People Here"."

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