Keane Tarbell


Keane Tarbell | Chair, Staff Council

Dear Baylor Family,

What a great privilege it is to serve at our beloved Baylor, a caring campus community in the heart of Texas. As a family, we have the opportunity to support our community and meet the needs of our neighbors. Will you please consider supporting the "More Than Me" campaign?

The Waco-McLennan County United Way is an organization that is committed to meeting the needs of our community by providing resources and supporting programs and agencies that offer assistance to those needing it most. Through various agencies, resources such as food, shelter, healthcare, after school programs, advocacy, and much more are extended to our community.

We have an opportunity to share hope with others through our gifts and contributions to the Baylor "More Than Me" campaign. You can choose to give monthly or make a one-time pledge. You can designate a gift to the organization of your choice as listed on your pledge card or even help those in need on our own campus through the Baylor Family Compassion Fund. Please thoughtfully consider how you might be part of this campaign to support our Waco-McLennan County community and help make a difference!

Complete your pledge card today - with the on-line form for easy payroll deduction, or print a paper form to return with your check or pledge amount.

Thanks for being a part of Baylor, the United Way, and our "More Than Me" efforts to help serve the needs of our community.

Keane Tarbell
Staff Council Chair

Ron Beal

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