AFLAC "Now Card" for Your Medical / Dental Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

The "Now Card" provides payment for medical services and prescriptions immediately rather than paying out-of-pocket, submitting a claim and waiting for reimbursement. This is especially true for high dollar claims that can put a strain on personal finances. It is important to retain documentation for all purchases.

Documentation of charges is required by the IRS and if a review indicates an unusual co-pay or if a service is in question, AFLAC is compelled by the IRS to request documentation to remain in compliance. AFLAC will send a notice every 2 weeks for up to two months until they receive the documentation from the insured. Failure to submit documentation to AFLAC when requested may result in suspension of the insured’s AFLAC "Now Card." Keep in mind that use of the AFLAC "Now Card" is not required. Claims may be submitted via fax or mail at any time.