Essential Items for PAQ
PAQ - Position Analysis Questionnaire located within EMS in BearQuest

Job Description – A PAQ is converted into a job description once a BearQuest is approved. The job descriptions are listed in the job description database.

Position Title:

1. General nature of the position

2. Main identifier of the job


1. General summary – level of skills and responsibilities

2. Provides a brief general overview

Essential Functions:

1. Tasks necessary to fulfill the position’s objectives

2. PAQ is a summary of the most important functions of a position

3. Should describe job functions instead of an individual person, who might fill the position

4. Essential Functions are defined as:

a. The reason a job exists

b. Functions that are specialized or require expertise

c. An incumbent will usually spend 20% or more time on these functions

A good job description or PAQ must be a brief concise document - not details of how each individual task is performed, which should be in an operational manual. Many people tend to start off with a list of 20-30 tasks, but the tasks should be refined to fewer points, around 8-12.

Any job description or PAQs containing 20-30 tasks is actually more like an operational manual, which serves a different purpose. Job descriptions or PAQs should refer to the operational manual, rather than include the details of the tasks in the job description or PAQ. If you include task detail in a job description you will need to change it when the task details changes.

Example: The 20% of essential functions can be broken down into smaller increments, that are 5% or greater. Within the PAQ or Job Description, you would list the items that have bullet points.

Information Systems - 20%

• Database design and administration 10%

• Participate in the design and enhancement of human resources information systems in order to achieve maximum utilization of available technology within the parameters of the Staff Compensation Plan. 5%

• Maintain and update departmental website5%

Research and Communication - 20%

• Provide assistance, guidance, and information as necessary to support department heads, supervisors, and employees in following and understanding the university staff compensation plan. 5%

• Research and recommend plans for improvement of university compensation programs, policy, and practices. 10%

• Collaborate and coordinate with Payroll and Human Resource Services the ongoing administration of the compensation plan 5%

• Review and recommend exemption for positions and classifications. 5% (Communicating with department)

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

1. Based on the least minimum qualified candidate capable of performing the essential functions

2. Compensation and Benefits Considerations:

a. Internal Equity

b. Industry Standards

c. Market Evaluations

Additional Information

Examples of PAQ and Job Descriptions